Candler Connection

About Us

The Board of Directors for 2024 are:

  • President; Russ Gemberling
  • Vice President; Jay Wallet
  • Secretary; Chris Hofmann
  • Treasurer; Deb Keirn

Directors at large:

  • Jan Eaton
  • Linda Ellison
  • Dawn Fernandez
  • Karen Gemberling
  • Brian Lomasky
  • Jack Luiszer
  • Amy Waller

Neighborhood Ambassadors

Each Candler Neighborhood has one or more individuals who have stepped up to help their new neighbors learn about our Social Committee

To find your Neighborhood Ambassador please go to the Facebook page since we we want to minimize publishing people's email addresses and phone numbers in an open location.

Who/What We Are

Candler Connection is the Social Club of which all residents of Candler within OTOW are automatically members, with no fees to join. Our mission is to provide social activities for our members and to foster positive interactions between our members.

It should be noted that we are NOT associated with the Candler Hills HOA nor any HOA within OTOW. We provide no official communication between the HOA and our members.

We are very informal and focused on:

  • Increasing social interactions between all of our current and new neighbors, and
  • Easing new resident transitions into OTOW and Candler Hills.