Candler Connection


Facebook Group

One of the primary means of communications with our members is our Facebook group. Since it is a closed group, only residents, owners, prior residents or prior owners can have membership in this Facebook group. It's very active with a large majority of Candler residents using it.

This Facebook group also contains documents that are not available publicly such as a Directory of Residents, list of Neighborhood Ambassadors, etc.

Calendar of Events

The Events Calendar is for events that are specific to Candler Hills. It does not include OTOW-wide events, nor events outside of OTOW. Also, it only includes events that are open to all Candler Hills residents rather than events that are specific for a neighborhood.

Get Connected

To the Candler Connection Social Club!

The information you provide is used in two ways.

1. The Monthly Newsletter: Is sent out to the people with emails on record. It provides reminders about Candler social activities and events, and other items of interest to Candler Neighbors.

2. The Directory: It is made available in the Facebook Group.

To update your information or to remove yourself from the mailing list, follow the links at the bottom of each newsletter or provide your name, address, and email address to: